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Message Subject Galactic Federation Coud'état against the Illuminati and a NEW financial system . START THE DISCUSSION OF THE END OF TIMES!
Poster Handle EW
Post Content
I just wanted to post a small warning, any 'galactic group' that says they are replacing the current financial system with another one, is not to be trusted.

Any form of monetary system is a 3rd dimensional tool. It will never provide abundance for all, it will never equal out the playing field. Any system that requires trade of one substance for another promotes lack and scarcity, control and manipulation, power and corruption.

There is only one system that represents true spiritual, social and moral growth of humankind and moves it forward into its next form of evolution and that is a resource based society.

True enlightenment and growth ensures that all are provided for, that no one experiences lack, and that all people are healthy and have access to medicine and medical treatment. If you think any other form of exchange will create this then you havent done your homework. As long as there is any kind of exchange modem, there is a system in place for the haves to have more and the have nots to have less.. this is not a step forward.

A resource based society is the only true spiritually evolutionary step forward and until it occurs and is implemented humankind will continue to wallow in poverty, lack and scarcity.
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