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Message Subject UFO disclosure by Canadian Defense Minister/Countries beg US for disclosure
Poster Handle einsteinsfly
Post Content
If the U.S. or any government for that matter will not even disclose extraterrestrial bacteria, what makes you people think any government will disclose the existence of intelligent species?

Personally, I don't see a world where everyone will panic if extraterrestrials are disclosed. Everyone will go, "huh, so the universe is enormous and has other life." Religion won't fail. Governments won't fail. The world will not turn into chaos.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12792687

Personally, and this is just my opinion, but I feel like the government's hand will be forced one way or another. There are too many climate, earth and sun issues combined with posed imminent war drums beating upon the earth and within the earth all over the world.

Nodding disease, restaurant worker dies in pool of blood from respiratory illness, measles (or something else) outbreak in India. Sink holes on many continents, triangles in the sun.......I could go on and on, point being I just think we're at a tipping point. Most probably do....
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