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Message Subject UFO disclosure by Canadian Defense Minister/Countries beg US for disclosure
Poster Handle einsteinsfly
Post Content
If you watch part 2 he talks about consciousness influencing possibilities......you must be "tuned" in...
 Quoting: einsteinsfly

Do not look to the stars. Do not look to man. You know where to look if you open your eyes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8693932

My dream came before I even knew anything about the 2012 theories and is actually what lead me to start looking into what it meant, as I had never had such a vivid dream be that bizarre before.

I have a few questions though, is there actually proof of this 'energy' that is coming from the core of the milky way? or is it just speculation like the photon belt?

I do belive the man on the video has some good points but at the end of the day how much of this global population will really belive in it, and follow his idea for meditation? Bit of a long shot if you ask me.

Also on his point about becoming vegan, Are we really not meant to eat meat? I mean parts of the body, like in the teeth and disgestive tracts show signs of similarity between both carnivores and herbivores, so we're more closer to omnivores than anything else surely? I understand his point about it effecting our spirit in such a way with heart transplantation but what about a peice of meat that has lost its 'life' essence due to it being dead for quite some time, and then cooked in such a way. Surely then, this is just for our bodies more than anything else, like to give it energy, protein etc.

Sorry if this is going too off topic but just some thoughts that I had! I hope the US does disclose at some point but alot of people are being doubtful.. I still have my money on the 2012 olympics too, like someone else said!

Oh and btw, I have no idea how to "tune in" other than my mind seems to do it when I dream, been living in this world for too long... As AC says 'Open my eyes'... I just wish I knew how really...
 Quoting: Bear-Ninja

I found an "official" article for you from NASA about the energy cloud/ribbon/fluff .....it seems mostly true except for the fact that they say they discovered it in 2009 and it was more like 1983.

[link to science.nasa.gov]

As far as the Vegan diet....the energy from the DNA of animals raised and killed for the masses is tainted and dis-eased when it enters our human body. They (the animals) are abused, live in fear and horrific conditions. If DNA has consciousness and the ability to communicate, what does it say to the DNA in our bodies as far as "energy" goes??

Hope this helps.peace
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