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Message Subject "CERN CANNOT CONTINUE LHC EXPERIMENT"..............micro blackholes arise quicker than expected,DO NOT EVAPORATE and undetected
Poster Handle Petrus
Post Content
Black holes are not space magic. They cannot be more powerful than the energy that created them. And the energy creating them, is minute, to the extreme.

People tend to think of black holes as a void or something that just sucks up matter. It's not, it's a physical object, a physical phenomenon, bound to the laws of physics. Energy cannot be created out of nothing. You can't get more energy out of a process than you put into it.
 Quoting: Ponytailjones 12215240

Black holes are where Energy escapes. Think about that!
Energy comes from the vacuum. If you create a black hole, no matter how small, you create a RIP in the fabric of space/time.
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