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Message Subject Fulford ex FORBES Chief Editor saying that TOMORROW is the arrival of PROSPERITY FUNDS ( 10 trillions) AND THE FALL OF ILLUMINATI IS inminent!
Poster Handle DoomPoon
Post Content

I've been checking on the GFL 'channelings' for about six months now and noticed a few suspicious things:

1. The 'messages' are just recycled (but reworded) musings that blow hot air and keep you just on the verge of the "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT."
2. They have already had several failed predictions in just this short peroid of time (I can only imagine how many times they've been wrong throughout their entire history)

So, without further ADO:




BTW, you want a positive change, make it. It's up to us to change the world, not some imaginary ET's from Andromeda or whereever.
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