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Message Subject Fulford ex FORBES Chief Editor saying that TOMORROW is the arrival of PROSPERITY FUNDS ( 10 trillions) AND THE FALL OF ILLUMINATI IS inminent!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For all the bashers and haters, Fulford certainly has held his own. Ive never seen anyone take so much dissing and still be going strong.
The fact he's still kickin' after all this helps lend an air of credibility.
I think where he lost most people is the whole ninja thing, which I dont disbelieve, I just think they found a better option.
We need to support guys like this, whether they seem like nutbags or not. What he's trying to achieve is a noble cause. Who are we to say shit. We arent out there in the public media getting bullied by shills and trolls.
This guy has big steel balls fer sure.
Or hes protected...
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