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Message Subject Fulford ex FORBES Chief Editor saying that TOMORROW is the arrival of PROSPERITY FUNDS ( 10 trillions) AND THE FALL OF ILLUMINATI IS inminent!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
when it doesn't happen tomorrow, can we please ban his name from all threads, i mean FFS how many times does a guy get to fail to come through, while everyone continues to paint his name, face and website link across the internet
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1364770

Couldn't agree more! His name needs to disappear off GLP if he fails again!
 Quoting: jamiejane

He's not failing. He's being fed all kinds of info and he's passing it on to us best he can. I tend to think that people on GLP that say things like what you've said might be covert agents striving to prevent the world from learning the truth... stop doing your job and turn on your leaders (thank you). But, I realize that you could just be sick of all the deception and just don't know what to do... sure. The history of the Fulford situation is the biggest news story of this past decade - that received zero coverage in MSM. He threated the lives of David Rockefeller and Dick Cheney (while Cheney was VP), and then a few months later, he interviewed David Rockefeller. Zero MSM coverage on that blockbuster story... and the list goes on. He's talked about how quake tech is being used to threaten Japan, and has shown evidence of it's use.

General word to all agents on GLP and all other forums - flip it to honesty. Stop following an old, archaic system of disinforming people, continuously, just because you are told a story to think it's the right thing to be doing. It's not. There is a better way.

Dangerous tech is the prime directive; absolutely. But your leaders aren't just making sure the world stays safe for dangerous tech - they are also doing what apes have done for millions of years. They are beating their arms and feeling the alpha male endocrine system "high" of being on top. That's it. They need to go. We need a world order that focuses pure attention on the technology paradigm. A global intelligence agency is necessary for this task, obviously, and there can be no significant disagreement within this organization (whatever form it take - combination of CIA, FSB, MI6, etc...). The primitive apes can go play in the jungle to get their high or go to jail.

I realize some of you might actually be sitting in intelligent agency offices, and it's just your job... but it's also incredibly wrong. It can also be classified as very evil... your job. Stop.

Time for all of us to walk the better path.

David Petraeus - walk the right path. If Obama and the behind the scenes individuals don't support it - tell the world the truth and force Obama to resign in disgrace. It doesnt matter. People need the honest world order more than anything else. People need MSM to be used for good, for honesty rather than a continuous misinformation machine to maintain the alpha apes positions.

Just wake the hell up you little minded fools at the CIA and elseware, and make a new world. Stop being so petty minded and primitive with your thought process. See the possibilities of what can be and stop existing within the tiny script that's been told you by the "leaders." They lied to you - they gave you incomplete information... they are ignorant animals on a ball of dust floating through space, and you think they know things.

Enough for now.
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