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KONY 2012, Acronym for...

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United States
03/26/2012 06:44 PM
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KONY 2012, Acronym for...
Recently I've had this disturbing idea about the morning (night?) of April 20th, 2012; When all these people are supposed to put up all the KONY 2012 flyers/posters.

So, what if the word 'KONY' was an acronym for something like

Kill Off Night... Year 2012...?

If there is to be some catastrophic event -it's hard to guess what it would be from. But just the fact that IF there are going to be so many people out an about, painting the town red (with these posters and flyers)- one could imagine numerous possibilities. It would seem like a very convenient opportunity for anyone with some bad intentions. How could it happen? Remember all those birds (in Arkansas?) that mysteriously died -likely from some sort of energy weapon, or a hazardous bio-agent being released, etc.?

Well, the more I think about it the less likely it seems something bad would happen - only because of the supposed scale of this so called "movement". As if a nationwide event (even in other countries -I suppose) of thousands of people being killed or made extremely sick -that just happen to be wondering around at night- could happen. Oh yeah, there's also the different time zones. Hopefully if anyone that was hooked into this and got their 'action pack(?)' (lol) now realizes it's a load of b.s.

Anyway, I felt compelled to say this. So here it is. I'm sure it's too crazy of an idea. But anything's possible. :-(