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Message Subject Town councillor Simon Parkes: My mum was a 9ft green alien
Poster Handle 10 ft Pink Alien from Oz
Post Content
Greetings from planet Oz Simon, councillor. Are you the leader over there?

Your story is very lovely, I am not so vivid in my recollections of contacts in space. I do have two good ones of being on galactic federation ships though.

I am sorry that your wife was unable to understand your continued affair with the alien cat lady. She must be somewhat unreasonable. I can fully relate to you having to ditch her.

I am wondering though if you have mistakenly come to the wrong conclusion that I am her. I have incarnated on the planet of Cat Beings, yes, but I am not currently acting out of my cat being being, and instead are coming from a much higher perspective.

If that is you chasing me, could you please stop. I wish you luck on finding Cat Woman. I think you want my cousin, Michelle.
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