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Message Subject Arizona Sheriff Won't Backdown from Obama ID Fraud Investigation
Poster Handle grefey
Post Content
It does not matter, don't you get that?
 Quoting: ac 1053923

If he is re-elected the Republican House/Senate (post-election) will impeach him.
 Quoting: IJumpInIt

It is not likely that he will be re-elected because of all the corporate money in the Presidential, Senate, and House elections.

As an Independent, I do not understand what is this thing that the Republicans have so much time to waste trying to impeach Democratic Presidents? Where are the jobs? All these suckers are interested in is their own job and fattening their pockets.

Cheney/Bush lied to the American people about 9/11 and lied to start war in Iraq, but neither the Democrats or the Republicans have said "beep" about impeaching them.

I think that we need term limits on all Senate and Representatives, because right now there is a bunch of old white haired fuddy duddies are senile and that have been in there too long and they all should be thrown out.

The founding fathers never planned on having a bunch of career criminals in Congress for 60 to 80 years sucking down millions of dollars from a bunch of criminal lobbyists and stealing the taxpayers money.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1236861

Term Limits??? The entire system form the bottom to the top is rotted to the core. The APPLE is rotted. It has always been a game of smoke and mirrors. I suspect our founding fathers knew this also. Great words more silver tongued devils.
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