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Subject illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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First off, i personally don't believe a single group of "sophisticated" people could draw up a plot, and follow through to take over the world. But, with the internet and propaganda being factors, i'm not sure what to believe. And i'm just here simply because i'm hungry for knowledge, just like the rest of you. Anyways, Back on the original subject, the Illuminati, my point of view is that the Illuminati obviously exists because it has been mentioned through the music industry. The mere fact that any given artist even mentions the word "Illuminati" implies it exists, right? Well that's that, and another point that you could argue but im sure most of you are already aware of this, is the pyramid on the back of the one-dollar bill. now apparently according to the internet(a reliable resource, i know right?) the very last sentence in this document written by Adam Weishaupt (to describe step by step how this secret society will take over the world) there is a period that closes the entire document, like any other. but the thing is that apparently this period is not a period, but a very minuscule picture of this seal that represents the Illuminati. and also jay-z and beyonce's baby. blue ivy standing for: born living under evil; Illuminati's very youngest. what are your thoughts on the subject(s)?
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