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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle DPoo
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Hello! Ive had some success through the years with OBE's. It is true, I believe that without a plan, the course of the experience can be kinda all over the place. Ive had somewhere around a dozen or more that I was TRULY conscious for during its entirety, as a few others sort of end up melding into a dream type thingy. Early on (after reading Monroe's book) I would be so shocked that it was happening I would simply "wake" up before it went anywhere.

One particularly interesting experience (to me) was at the request of my father-in-law I asked to see God. Neither of us have a dogmatic view, so I was open to anything. I should state first that my father had just recently passed away, and before my God request I asked to see him. I was "given" the knowledge that it was too soon. I remembered my father in law's request and sort of floated up my street and was taken under a tree. at this point I was not only lucid, but hyper aware. I could see a 360 degree view of my environment, the colors were brighter and everything was clearer and vibrant. A drop of dew fell on my leg and in that moment I saw and felt EVERYTHING..the whole spectrum of the human experience. it was so intense that I of course slammed back into my body, not feeling at all as though I were asleep..
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