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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Interesting OP. Sometimes just before I fall asleep, I see things that are totally unknown to be. I may be remote viewing, 'cause it sounds kind of like what your husband is doing.
 Quoting: INK1

Care to elaborate?

The mind and body cleared of most outside influence(thoughts, emotions, etc) is the prime state for extra-sensory experiences.
 Quoting: LilacFrost

Since I was a child, I noticed that sometimes different dreams were in the same place. It wasn't until my mid-to late 20's that I realized I was building an entire city and it all interconnected. I have built training rooms for flying and other talents, sunny skies, roads and fields and people, and have given myself things- safe houses, space maps to other planets, phone booths that can transport me anywhere. Still today, when I dream, it is not familiar, but home. It IS a reality past what this material world is. I try to train my brain to imagine past the six senses we have, and allow myself more than than I am aware of currently. I learn a lot of lessons there. I learn new patience, new understanding. It's like I'm tapping into a larger consciousness. I also feel-scratch that-I know I am "out there" as well as my physical body being "here". There is another part of me out there that I can't feel attached to due to the limitations of the body.
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