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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle LilacFrost
Post Content
Since I was a child, I noticed that sometimes different dreams were in the same place. It wasn't until my mid-to late 20's that I realized I was building an entire city and it all interconnected. I have built training rooms for flying and other talents, sunny skies, roads and fields and people, and have given myself things- safe houses, space maps to other planets, phone booths that can transport me anywhere. Still today, when I dream, it is not familiar, but home. It IS a reality past what this material world is. I try to train my brain to imagine past the six senses we have, and allow myself more than than I am aware of currently. I learn a lot of lessons there. I learn new patience, new understanding. It's like I'm tapping into a larger consciousness. I also feel-scratch that-I know I am "out there" as well as my physical body being "here". There is another part of me out there that I can't feel attached to due to the limitations of the body.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12617125

We are all energy. Connected; to everyone and everything. We exist on multidimensional levels. The only difference between the dimension are wavelengths. Your altered state(brainwaves not in the beta range) escaped your conditioning to this dimension - in which your dream construct holds the key to the past.

Atlantis and Lemuria are not legends. Some people also feel compelled to be in another part of the world of which they have no logical connection to. They are drawn to the energy vortices our ancestors left for us.
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