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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

got these links:


[link to www.montana.edu]

Know-fate data

[link to www.google.com]

Then I clicked on this one:

[link to www.phidot.org]

In previous chapters, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time modeling situations where the
probability of encountering an individual is less than 1. However, there is at least one situation where
we do not have to model detection probability – known-fate data, so-called because we know the fate
of each marked animal with certainty. In other words, encounter probability is 1.0 (which must be
true if we know the fate of a marked individual with certainty). This situation typically arises when
individuals are radio-marked, although certain kinds of plant data can also be analyzed with the
known fate data type. In such cases, known-fate data are important because they provide a theory for
estimation of survival probability and other parameters (such as emigration). The focus of known fate
models is the estimation of survival probability S, the probability of surviving an interval between
sampling occasions. These are models where it can be assumed that the sampling probabilities are
1. That is, the status (dead or alive) of all tagged animals is known at each sampling occasion. For
this reason, precision is typically quite high, as precise as the binomial distribution allows, even in
cases where sample size is often fairly small. The only disadvantages might be the cost of radios and
possible effects of the radio on the animal or its behavior. The model is a product of simple binomial
likelihoods. Data on egg mortality in nests and studies of sessile organisms, such as mollusks, have
also been modeled as known fate data.
 Quoting: tandym

Maybe that is your safe spot. I sent for the course several weeks ago when Ed Dames was on Coast to coast, waiting for it to be delivered.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2122560

That would be interesting considering my Tekwanago dream showed that Wisconsin is under water sometime in the future. :-(
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