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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This happened on Valentine's Day evening. I'd never experienced anything like it. In the 72 hours prior I had worked up a lot of sexual energy from engaging in sex but not climaxing. I was eating only raw fruits and vegetables and went for a 15 mile walk.

I sat down to meditate and took the lotus position. Began breathing, and I felt like this magnetic pressure around me, on my wrists and fingertips. Noises in my abdomen and stomach and like three lines vibrating and kind of rolling up my back. Heartbeat seemed to jump followed by tingling on my head. The room disappeared and turned into a different place.. I can't really describe it, it was swampy, large open rooms, lots of reflective colors, looked like door beads were hanging off everything. Everything that appeared solid wasn't. Everything had a glow to it. Mostly yellows, blue, white, silver, grey, gold. I floated around for what seemed like 15 minutes in a carnival ride sensation... Where I'm at I'm next to a private airport and directly under the path to a landing strip. A plane came in to land I could hear the radio, I could feel the "magnetic" energy of the plane, which was completely blotting out the other experience. It increased the pressure I was feeling on my wrists and fingertips. It felt like it was squashing me. In a far less but similar extent I could feel the pc in front of me and the cell phone in the table. Like a vibrating magnetic presence. And I knew I'd been there before, the experience - during the experience was completely familiar.

I've been unable to duplicate it as of yet.
 Quoting: illfigure 10306576

Sounds like what they refer to as Kundalini Awakening, maybe?
 Quoting: tandym

That's the best 'diagnosis' I've had yet. I began having the Vakhari about a year ago. Perhaps they're related. [Vakhari is a massive increase in stream of consciousness where the mind is flooded with imagery and knowledge]
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