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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
remote viewing has always fascinated me. i love reading about it. thanks for sharing!

also, do you think you or your husband could help me find my wallet? i know that sounds like a joke but i lost it on Sunday at around 5 pm and I may have left it at walmart....or somewhere in my house.

i will seriously pay you if you can rv it for me and I find it.

it's a black leather trifold fossil wallet. i'm in texas.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1237330

I'm in Texas too. I guess we could try that. What city in Texas are you in?

BTW, we don't need payment. It would be fun to try :-)
 Quoting: tandym

Opie here.

So get this:

On Sunday night I had a friend and his wife with their 2 kids under 2 come over. I went to junior high and high school with the people that came over and the guy I would consider one of my closest friends.

I had invited them over to have some food that I prepared and just to hang out and play with the kids etc.

After I realized my wallet was missing I e-mailed both of them late on Monday night to ask them to check if they had it or if they had seen it. They both wrote back and said they hadn't and so sorry and everything.

Cut to tonight. After remembering that I had it even after I got home from Walmart I literally tore my house apart. (I actually cleaned out the garage too...so it's not all bad) But I still never found the wallet. So, as a last ditch effort, I text my friend Adam that came over and he went and checked the diaper bags and what not and could not find it. Then he starts telling me I should give up since it had been five days and start calling around to get new cards. I agreed with him and was feeling defeated and down in the dumps about it.

Then just 1 or 2 minutes later he calls me and says that he found the wallet. He found it in their garage. I'm going over there right now (he lives about 10 minutes from me) and I'm pumped to see some of the stuff you guys were describing and maybe just misinterpreted. I honestly almost teared up because I have been so bothered by losing it. I felt like a crazy person because I just was so sure I had it at the house.

So thank all of you for your help! I really appreciate the effort and this honestly makes me want to actually be a paying member of this site. You guys are great!

Guy loses wallet. Asks for help. Is given a ton of descriptions from others. Guy gives up. Moment he gives up his friend calls and says they accidentally put it in their stack of things while leaving the house.

I will put one more update up with a picture of the garage and where it was sitting in the garage at my friend's house. I am headed over there now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13396065

Hey OP that's awesome! My Husband and I tried to RV for you last night -- and this is what he came up with:

Fencing Materials
Brackets or latches braces
wooden dowels -- he mentioned 'skinny' ones specifically
you 'laid it down' to look at something.
 Quoting: tandym

Wish this AC would come back and let me know how close my husband got. I hadn't been on the forum for a day + so I hadn't read about the AC's friend finding the wallet in their garage... so when I read that (after hearing my husband talk about all the hardware stuff) I got kind of excited to know how good/close his RV was.

Hey AC -- if you stop back by -- seriously, we don't want a reward or anything, we just want to know how my husband did :-)
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