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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hmmmmm. I've been considering applying for a job in Missoula and was wondering if it would be a safe place. I do believe that some areas in Montana will be relatively safe. Very interesting!

So my husband and I are practicing -- he's much better at it than me.

Last night I was prompting him and he was describing what he saw.
He saw me, in a furniture store, probably 15 years from now, looking at some sort of book case. As I left the store, he looked around and got some snippets of information, including seeing the courthouse / city hall and some words from a window or sign outside of the store.

He saw:

Mount or MT
Station 26
'PIMS' or 'pims' or 'P.I.M.S.' (or something like it)

He also saw black pylons, 3 feet high, with black chain connecting them, like you might see around a town square somewhere.

Out of curiosity, we googled it...

It turns out that in Missoula, Montana (MT) that there is a small shopping center called Station 26. damned.

It is also fairly close to the Courthouse.

We didn't see any black pylons/chains on the google earth pictures, though admittedly those pictures are probably not current AND we also know that he was viewing sometime in the future.

He also saw me wearing his wedding ring on the thumb of my right hand.

Anyways, anyone else tried anything like this and gotten such good results? We decided that next time we try it, I should test him and try to get him to look at a place that I know about/have researched to see if he sees what I saw/is really there, etc.

He was wondering how he could have seen 'the future' and and I explained to him that all moments in time are 'in the now' and that the only reason we experience them linearly is because we are trapped in a meat body while we are here.

He has also been experiencing spontaneous OBEs while he's driving to work. He's concerned that this is dangerous (as am I, especially for other people on the road). Anyone with any information about this and why its happening now -- your comments would be appreciated. I told him I thought it could be due to stress, but I am not the one to ask. I don't have OBEs.
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