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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So tonight we had another session... but this time what came up was very different from any other time:

I think my husband saw a murder, or at least the events leading up to the murder.

The victim's name (as near as he could tell) was Renee Tribble (or Trimble or Tibble, etc... could have been a variation on Renee as the first name too, something like Renny or Reenie, etc). She was in her mid-20s, about 5'4", caucasian with dark brown hair, possibly in pig tails.

He says that a man watched her in a store while she was shopping (for items like a grill brush cleaner / toilet brush, etc)... and then in the parking he asked for her help opening a jar of something like colored marbles or M&Ms or skittles. When she agreed to help, and approached him, he punched her out and hauled her into his vehicle.

Not sure what the heck to do with this information. He said it was OK with him to post it... we couldn't tell if this was a past event or a future one. A quick google search doesn't show much.

He did say that if she would have told the man NO when he asked for help with the candy/marble jar, that she would have lived.

He did say that as far as he could tell, she must have died from lack of air somehow such as asphyxiation, strangling, drowning or something like that.

There were more details, but I won't post them on here. Nothing too gruesome, but you know... no need to dwell on them either.
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