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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another thing that came up in last nights session:

I asked him to view the collapse of the US economy / dollar.

We have had mixed success doing this kind of direct request, so I am not sure that what he told me actually is the real request or whether it is just relevant information regarding it.

The very first thing he said was:

When we can no longer buy carrots, we should be concerned.

Then he proceeded to tell me about us being in a supermarket produce section ('Hometown' grocery store?) and that people were there, wearing courier-style bags over their shoulders and that carrots were not the only thing that was missing from the shelves -- most produce was gone. And most of that was left on the shelves was spoiling. There were not many people in the store -- but whomever was there did not 'look up' and make eye contact with anyone else. My husband said they seemed like they were brainwashed or automatons. And that for some reason whatever made them that way did not 'work' on us.

When I asked for more details I got:

There are no clouds in the sky. NONE. Why are there no clouds. The united states is completely cloud free - the weather is very strange, not natural -- and that there are clouds going in a thin stream / loop / u-shape over the center of the united states, but everywhere else, NO CLOUDs.

when I asked what caused it -- he said he saw a pink laser scroll/scrape across the sky (like a search light, except much broader) and it was 'monitoring' and checking for things but he couldn't help but wonder that if they turned off the laser, the clouds might come back... perhaps it was the pink laser heating up the atmosphere that was keeping the clouds away.

The final thing he said in conjunction with this was that we were traveling. He couldn't see where we were or what type of vehicle we were traveling in, but he did see a snippet of us folding up sleeping bag pads (the kind that are like foam rectangles that accordion fold) and that we were out west somewhere looking for a place / structure / building that was built into the side of a hill. This place was called 'The Round' and it resembled an oreo cookie (i.e. two stories tall) shape mostly covered with earth and only some windows showing to the 'outside'. We didn't know where this place was, but it was where we were trying to go.
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