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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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~~~02 Dome in Greenwich~~~

The dome is built on the most contaminated piece of land in Europe; trees around the Dome had to be planted in containers as the soil around the Dome was so toxic it would have killed them, gas monitoring systems were built into the Dome floor. The limited clean up cost £150 million, and they did not scratch the surface in decontaminating the 3 acre site.

It was primarily British Gas who contaminated the site, but it was the tax payer who paid for the clean up. Their primary solution was to put a thin layer of concrete over the contaminated soil, which goes down 14 metres in areas. Any form of explosion on this site would be catastrophic, the Thames would be contaminated and the gases contained within the foundations of the Dome would be released, and would travel as far as the wind takes them. The Southbound Blackwall tunnel runs under the Dome, and metres of contaminated soil, much of it combustive, ie Benzene and nitrogen dioxide, lie between the tunnel and Dome.

The Dome's original purpose was to stage an exhibition welcoming the New Millennium.

The O2 Dome sits on ground where the bends are, presumably it was built on the graveyard.

The Southbound Blackwall Tunnel runs right underneath the Dome, in fact its air shaft goes through the dome and out the dome roof, while examining the possibility of a FF at the dome the South bound tunnel seemed the obvious choice if say explosives, gases or the likes were planted, however we were more drawn to the Northbound Tunnel which runs underground along side the dome. Both tunnels also run under the Thames.

On August 4 there is only one event at the Dome, the ladies trampoline, the Dome is the one and only feminine symbol in the this area, the large phallic towers of Canary Wharf surround it, and they chose to build this very feminine womb shaped building on a toxic dump! Destruction of this site would represent the death of the last vestige of the sacred feminine, and the power and war energy associated with all the male phallic symbols would reign supreme. The Dome is situated close to the Greenwich Observatory, and it lies on the Prime Zero Meridian, time literally begins on that spot, paradoxidly destroying the Dome would end time, and they are keen that this age ends, and their designed "New Age" and "New World Order" begins.

-Taken from Sandra Barr Blog (no longer available via youtube)

 Quoting: Nemesis-incognitO

From Thread:
Thread: Breaking action news: 200k caskets linings on standby at Olympics

My husband RV'd the 2012 olympics awhile back and came up with the following:

There's a tunnel that comes out like a trumpet and it is of concern
There's an onion truck and shoes

When prompted about any type of calamity or explosion, he said no.

The session was several weeks ago.
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