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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've never been able to see the future, but have been able to pick up on hidden truths via news, personal conclusions, etc... that conclude in a particular outcome. But as of lately, it is more unsure-the outcome possibly isn't certain. Either something larger than I have been trying to comprehend(I have a vivid imagination), or maybe less chaos? idk.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12617125

i'm extremely good at seeing the future. may be why i don't use that anymore. be interesting to try again. just got to my bug out, awesome gorgeous house with great people in the rainy area...the only place green and lush in the US right now. wish i could bring you all here but i know OP will be heading this way in the next year or so, according to RV. hf
 Quoting: Anne O'Mally


You may be right :-(

We did another session last night -- I don't have all the transcripts typed up yet, but I will update the thread when I do.

BTW, sadly, I will not be posting everything ... because this time, I think we came across some stuff that is just not safe to post.

Hint, we viewed the upcoming presidential election.

However, even this time two things stand out:

1. He said we are 'heading North again' (in the future) to get away from the darkness & the sadness (caused by what is still unknown)

2. Dry...heat... looks like drought is really on the menu for this summer and likely next.
 Quoting: tandym

you don't need to say more. i see it too. this is why i moved and how i got to my new place. maybe you guys should prepare NOW for it. you know? maybe why you and your hubby are 'seen' in the future is because you ACT NOW on what you see now. prepare for it.

i acted on what i saw, and where i am is totally protected right now. the universe DOES work for those of us who pay attention. keep living strong and being good, smart... it will come to fruition, no matter how dismal circumstances become. karma is real. :P

i too am careful about what i say.
 Quoting: Anne O'Mally

Unfortunately because my husband is still so skeptical, I suspect we won't really leave here until the last moment. But I trust (in 'the Source') to tell me when we really need to go.
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