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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Proceed to the election of the U.S. Tnediserp, 2012. Describe the proceedings and the outcome.

Elephant. (immediate response, no hesitation) Ö I see them

See who?

Gonna do a ah...planes in the sky, even the red white and blue in a celebration and then the question pops up -- how did they know the result ahead of time.

Who is the elephant that wins the election?

There's a... thereís a um mangled piece of metal by the uh, one of the voting machines, no that's not a voting machine. That's a machine that controls the voting machines.

What is significant about the piece of metal?

It had um, it had -- looks like it had -- like it was stamped. Like it had impressions on it. Like um--there was a problem with it? It reminds me of the... resting arms of an old fashioned type writer when the arms are at rest.

How did the metal get mangled? What are the events leading up to that moment?

Itís like the machines went to this plate and the plate had wires going off to another machine and someone yanked it really fast and they hurt it and somebody sees them and says don't look at that.

Why does he say don't look at that?

Because you're note supposed to see what he's doing. He's removing an appliance, um, I'm gonna call it an appliance. Like ah... a router. You're not supposed to see him, itís not supposed to be there, you're not supposed to know that he's disconnecting it.

What is the result of him disconnecting it? What is the cause Who benefits?

Its ah, lot of angry people around that guy. Somebody holding something up in the air. Telling him what you're doing is wrong. It looks like um, a soldering gun? Looks like a soldering gun. Because of that, there's a lot of confusion around, around this guy.

Is this something that comes out in the news or does it remain a secret?

I-- I can't tell what the guy -- was caught yanking it, He was caught yanking it out.

Who does he work for?

He works for ah... I see um, you've got those two masks, happy and sad actor masks. All I can see is that mask and its perfectly black like it won't let me -- it won't let me past the masks.

Which mask do you see, the happy or sad?

Itís a smirky happy, Like it knows itís getting away with something.

If you look through the eyeholes of the mask what do you see?

((( The part immediately after this has been omitted. Its too sensitive and frankly very unsettling. We are considering a way to disseminate it without making it public on GLP. We'll let you know if we decide to do that. )))
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