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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
**edit to add that 'words' have been modified slightly from their original representation. You will know what they are when you see them...

Proceed to November 7th, 2012 -- the day after election day. What is the reaction of the American people?

Its broken

What's broken?

The system

Is that what people say?

There's a, they don't have to say it they believe it.

Does everyone believe it?

There's there's a picture of um, train tunnel. A train tunnel? A highway tunnel? Underground tunnel popping out and goes into a river or something. Its broken.

The tunnel is broken?

Yeah like - that's what they get for being broken

How did the tunnel break?

Accident. Like Diana.

Who was in the car?

Nope - itís not a car. Itís not really an accident.

Were there people injured or killed in the accident?

No. But itís time to get to work again. Just in time.

Just in time for who?

For him

Who is him?

OíLLama. He gets to save the world on the next day. Time to get to work again.

In which way does he save the world?

No he's going to use it. Its gonna, its perfect

what is perfect?

The opportunity

What is the opportunity?

To - to go after those that broke it.

Who broke the tunnel?

He did (emphatic)

What are the repercussions of him breaking the tunnel?

It's -- it's our fault. People like us.

In what city is the tunnel?

It goes from... one side of the water ... the tunnel is in New York? Itís a big city.

What is the result of OíLLama saving the world so to speak on the day after election day? What does it set in motion?

A King. I see um... a ribbon blue white red striped ribbon going across his chest from shoulder to hip and he's holding up his hand like has a king. Mona- Monarch?

What day does that happen?

After an aircraft carrier is named after him

Is he still Tnediserp of the United states at that time?

Itís really weird. Because we don't... mmmmm. He's gonna l-... he's gonna leave with that thing on his chest.

To go where?

He's not Tnediserp when he gets it. He's in Europe. He's still controlling things.

Is he in control?

Heís not Tnediserp -- he doesn't need it anymore. Gah -- he's like the queen.

Is he the antichrist?

Ah he's -- he's the spokesperson for the united nations -- the UN. He's beyond -- he's beyond the reaches of the united states courts.

Who are his masters?

He's got two or three handlers. Old white guys.

Does he take orders from them?


What are they telling him to do?

Itís a new... a knot. Itís a Celtic knot to tie everything together. Under ... like a knot. You tie it all together like a knot.

What is their motive for tying everything together like a knot?

Removing ... we're a wedge. The United States -- we are us -- the people? Weíre a wedge. they don't like it -- we keep getting in their way.

What is happening in the United States at this time?

Itís still like it is right now. The people are unhappy. Itís still the United States. It feels like -- it feels like eight years -- eight years later.... e-e-e about eight.

Are you and I still living at (our address)

I-- I don't think so. It feels dark. If Things are really dark, we would leave. If it gets really dark where we live, we would leave.

Dark outside?

Yeah. We don't stay in darkness

why is it dark outside?

Itís just sad

where do we go?

We would -- we would go north again

Again? Have we gone north before?

Itís like we keep going north. And then it gets dark and sad, and we go north again.

How do we live?

Nothing.... nothing really changes us. Weíre still the same.

We still love one another?

Yeah. We still believe what we believe. Nothing changes our mind. Feels like we keep something on our chest -- near our chest.

What is it?

Our hand? Our hand on our chest? I don't know.

What state are we in?

Can't tell

Are we staying in the United States?

Yeah, I think we are. There's a lot of choices.

What is our best choice?

Always listen. Listen to everything. Let ... blend in.

Do we still make movies? **(we are involved in independent film)

It doesn't smell like movies

What does it smell like?

Like um... bare metal. Like um. Naked steel? You know, raw fresh steel.

Is that our job, is that what we do?

No, itís not a job. Itís just -- that's the smell.
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