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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Proceed to Brisbane, Australia, December 2012. What are the most significant and newsworthy events for that month?

I saw a flag and then massive animal deaths. Like massive kangaroo deaths -- unless they're rats? Those are too big. A lot of animal deaths.

What is the cause of the animals deaths?

Water? No water.

What was the flag you saw? Describe it.

Square - not a rectangle. Square. Perfect white circle taking up almost the entire square. The remaining corners are blue. And it was either a harp or a trident. A harp with a trident? Or a trident with a harp in the center.

How do the people of Brisbane, Australia fare?

They're... They don't, they don't leave -- they hack it out. And they look up, like either they are looking at the sky or they are looking at the sky to pray? I guess a large majority of them are spiritual and they are just waiting.

What is the weather like during the month of December 2012 in Brisbane, Australia?

Its dead

Why is there no rain?

I don't know, itís just dry. Its dead.

Describe the sun.

Very yellow, very bright like what a kid would draw on a sheet of paper. Itís not - like, no orange when the sun is setting. Itís very very whitey-yellow. Very yellow.

Thread: Remote Viewing -- Brisbane, Australia December 2012
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