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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle tandym
Post Content
What is the actual cause of the recent attacks that have been attributed to bath salts?

it’s an act. Its um, it’s a play. Its organized and scripted.

Are the attacks genuine?

NO (emphatic), they're not. Its designed to see just how numb we are.

Who designed it?

All the political advisors

Who's political advisors?

O’LLama's. His mouthpiece. those are tests and depending upon how they're viewed by us, lets them know what the next move is.

What is their next move?

Lettuce. Lettuce... lettuce? lettuce sandwich? I don't -- I don't know what a lettuce sandwich means?

Were any people hurt in the bathsalt attacks?

One was real. The rest of them were all set-ups.

Which one was the real one?

When the man was shot

What caused him to attack?

Shot. He was given a shot and let go.

What substance was in the shot?

I don't know.
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