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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Session performed July 15th, 2012

Proceed to January 25th 2013, Newark, NJ
what is the most significant threat to human life at that location at that time?

A giant it looks like a giant egg halfway in the ground. Um Like something wasn't finished getting built. Its it looks almost like its full of telephone wires and punch panels ... people ignore it except for the street punks. They're looking at it, they think its odd.

What is the egg's purpose?

Its white. And looks like a person could stand in it. At first you would think it, you would walk up to it and possibly buy a snow cone or something but its not right. You don't need the ability to bring in lots of little wires into something like that. Looks like um, really large post where you would run phone wires, cable, fiber through it. Its um, its a marker. It was not finished

Why is it a threat?

It threatens everyone. In a large area... know every word said. In a large area around that thing.

What is the most significant thread to American people's health and well-being in Newark NJ on Jan 25, 2013. Specifically their health and immune system.

Sewage. Sewage spill. It doesn't look like normal sewage. Broken pipe sewage, its up on the ground, its very army green. Its very watery.

What is dangerous about this sewage.

No one's coming to clean it up

how did this sewage pipe break or leak?

There's you don't, you donít see a pipe. Its running too freely its running too fast.

What is the cause?

(mutter) Its not a... its not a train, its um... its um like a subway car that's not underground and um the vibrations, vibrations are to blame.

is the leak intentional


who intended for the leak to occur?

um the repairmen that show up are not repairmen

who are they?
They are there to finish what they started

What did they start?

the c...co...control box.

what is the control box

that... that egg thing is the control box

is that related to the sewage?

its ... they need more time... to finish it. Its...it grabs control of ... phones, cable, internet. Its a ... its a dead manís switch.

Is the dead manís switch related to the sewage spill?

They need a.... an accident to finish the wiring then they can turn it off and on at will.

Describe the order of events that include the sewage spill, and the egg and the repairmen who are not repairmen.

The egg box shows up, wires are moved and cut, then they stop, its more work than anticipated and theyíre being watched by the younger people. Then the accident. Then they finish the wiring.

Then what occurs?

A test.

What are they testing

flipping the switch

what happens when they flip the switch?

you get nothing but what they tell you

what is significant about the sewage?

it shows the extent they will go to to hide in plain site

Proceed to Jan 25, 2013 Atlanta, GA -- describe the most significant threat to human life

I see a fork. A a giant fork. its a round white standard, like a standard white, its white its round and it would be on a flag but its not on a flag and it looks like a fork, a black fork. Its either got three or four prongs and its ... dock. It looks like a dock?

What is the most significant threat to people's health, well-being and immune systems in Atlanta GA, on January 25th 2013, this timeline.

nuclear. its a... um a leak. Radiation.

is it a new leak or has occurred already

its due to old failing equipment

its mobile though . like its on a boat. and... and a dock. Its a refit.

Proceed to January 25th 2013, Los Angeles California describe the most significant threat in this timeline.

Orange. Looks like orange... orangey cinnamon powder. Small isolated incident.

Describe the incident.

Its on a... they try to...people find it, its on things, its on their hands and their feet, their folders or books and they report it and its blamed on pies. Its a... blame it on pies.

Why is the orange cinnamon powder a threat?

Its a tracking. Its embedded with something. The powder's got... its supposed to be walked on. Its uh, its a test for sniffers.

What kind of sniffers?

Its like weather radar and it is from the air over the area and wherever the powder rides to it shows up like a red or a purple so you can see who's touched it or stepped on it or got it on them.

What is the purpose of the test> What is the agenda?

There's an invisible mark. its like um, an isotope signature. Once youíve washed up. youíre still marked,

Why do they want to mark people?

its just a test

for what? what is the powder a substitute for?

its not, its a way to deliver

what is it going to deliver?

its a... its just a carrier. Its a innocent way to get it on people

what are they intending to do with it in a real life scenario?

you powder a crowd... and then you've marked them all. You can powder people with a voice and then they can't hide and then you can get them at will.
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