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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
An interesting session regarding a special request for a friend... reminds me a little of Cayce. Sort of :-P Thought you all might find it interesting.

[omitted]'s optimum trajectory for weight loss

no outside influence. leave the ... leave the area of all temptation

Which diet method is most effective?

not dieting. eating as soon as you're hungry and then stopping

What foods would be best to eat

noisy foods

What are noisy foods - give some examples
loud crunchy foods like the peppers, carrots, things you have to work to chew on

Which vitamin and mineral supplements are most needed by the body of [omitted]

Silver ...metals and uh, cellular reconstruction vitamins

What method of exercise is best to promote weight loss for the body of [omitted]

simple movements they don't seem like exercises

Describe them

walking, stairs, sitting on the floor legs out, hands together chopping wood from side to side, standing up, lifting your knees, rolling your knees site to side on floor

Indicate the reason [omitted]'s body requires more metals

bombardment from signals

Which type of signals are most damaging

radio frequencies 7 through 11

What is the best way guard from these signals

absorb them and pass them out

What is the method of absorbing them and passing them out

high metal vitamins in the body absorb and hold and then you void them
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