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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
**Session Date: July 12, 2012

Describe what you see.

A um… civilian ship … um, is in orbit. I want to like use the word dragon?

OK, what about the ship?

Its – it looks like it’s in a, a low earth orbit. While that’s going a-around, it looks like it’s going around the earth, but it’s just going really slow. I see also a um, like a white parachute top. It looks kinda like a flower – flower, flower petals shaped like a white parachute top.

What is attached to the parachute?

A … salt shaker? Looks like a salt shaker or a pepper shaker.

What is contained within the structure that looks like a salt shaker?

Ah – dust dirt granules seeds. It’s … it’s, It’s pouring out, it’s sand before it gets to the ground

Follow it to the ground, describe what you see.

I see a pasture, looks like a dairy farm.

What country?

It looks like Missouri? I don’t recognize the trees.

When the structure that looks like a salt shaker touches the ground, what happens?

Nothing, it’s empty

Are there any markings on the salt shaker?


What is the most significant threat from the salt shaker?

I see lots like winged grasshoppers. A lot of them. Not coming from it but in the trees. A lot of them.

Are they related to the salt shaker that landed in the field?

Yeah. It was ... there’s a… it’s not retrieved. It stays there. And there’s, the um, a lot of shadows zipping around those have got to be buzzards flying around.

In what way are the grasshoppers related to the salt shaker?
That area got changed.

In what way? How is it different?

Something was added. Added to the ground. Like step … step 2 add something to the ground, step 1 was add something to the water.

What did step 1 and step 2 accomplish? What is the goal?
Its um, step 1 was a um, test. Poison the water and kill off the animals and step 2 was to do a similar thing to the land.

Who is in charge of this plan to perform this test?
I see ah… um… a full body robe, rainbow type material, it’s shimmery kind of purple, kind of gold It shimmers a lot and has a little skull cap with two little ears on it. Made of the same material.

What shape are the ears on the skull cap?

Miniature little cat ears. Little triangles. Pyramids. They look like little pyramid ears. And the person is walking away from a conference table. There’s no one else at the table I can see. They’re walking quickly from the table on the left side like they’re going to the door.

What country is this person in at that moment?

Mmm, I don’t, I don’t know. The picture was too fast.

Return to the moment that the granules begin dropping out of the salt shaker as it descends from the parachute. Do you have that moment?


Follow the granules to the ground and describe what you see.
I see a cicada bug. Cicada, a cicada bug, And I see ah, like a mosquito type of bug, but it looks mechanical. Imagine a mosquito built out of two types of objects, itty bitty metal tubes and itty bitty marshmallow shapes.

Are the cicadas also built out of these shapes?


The cicadas are alive?

They seem to be

What do these artificial mosquitoes do? What is their purpose?

I can’t tell whether they absorb and exhale or just exhale something out.

What happens when they exhale out? What happens to the plants and animals around it?

E-Everything gets quiet like a giant metal cage over the area.

What is the purpose of making everything quiet?

t-to place a call to a woman and ask for help and she will graciously allow help to be given.

To whom?

She’s a… she’s a pig. She has the face of a pig.

Who does she grant help to?

A, a… the farmers in the center

What kind of help do they require?

They want any-- any help. They need help and their man is going tp make the call and the pig woman is going to graciously give it to them But it’s an act.

Who does the pig woman work for?

I can’t she’s… she’s on the phone, she’s not alone. There’s people beside her behind her and I … the ag… econ ag treasury… constitutional merit.

Constitutional merit – is that a part of where she works?
(pause) You said this was a test? Proceed to the point at which this step one, step two is used in a broader sense that is not a test. Do you have that moment?

No, step one was a test. Step two was taking it a step further.

To step three? What is step three?

Orange clouds.

Where can orange clouds be seen?

Th… they proceed before thunderstorms. And there’s fruit – large fruit

In the clouds?

No. Large. Grapefruit trees?

And what happens to these trees?

Nothing happens to the fruit, The orangey orange clouds are for the people

What does it do to the people?

Skin color changes, weakness, not hungry, makes you want to stay inside and it’s really hazy. Very smoggy looking.

What are the long-term effects of this?

Holding your…. Putting your hands between your bellybutton and your groin… and ah, when you when you blood… on your butt.

Who is the perpetrator of this orange cloud?

Um, odd looking helicopters. They … they’re not marked.
But perfect box letters and they…the D is like an 8 and the H is capitalized and the S is like a square-ish… a square letter S.



What color are the helicopters?

White and black like a knockoff of a police helicopter
And these helicopters are they the ones that produce the orange clouds?

They’re looking at the… they’re looking at it for us.

So they are not to blame for the orange clouds?

I don’t trust them.

Who is to blame for the orange clouds? Who ordered the orange clouds to be spread? Do you have this person?

No. It feels like a… like a deception. Like um…

Who is being blamed for the orange clouds?

Mmmmmm, rain cloud seeders. it’s like it was um agricultural assistance. And then comments like ‘Hey that’s not what we spread’

Describe the weather patterns when the orange clouds first appear.

Heat waves going from … picture waves hitting a shore. Three waves, four waves, five waves, all hitting the shore in a pattern. And turn those into heat waves going from northwest to southeast across the united states
Describe the activity of the sun during this time
A jagged … like a, a printout a…mmmm a bar graph a graph with the jaggy lines on it. And there’s a a gradual increase and there’s a shape like a jagged volcano in the center of the graph and then it comes gradually back down

What month and what year does this occur?

24 12… 24… 12… Could be 12 24. it’s cooler when it happens.

What is the result of the jagged line activity from the sun?

I don’t see people. It seems kinda pink outside and there’s nobody out.
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