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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Session Date: July 3rd, 2012
**some words changed

Proceed to Tampa Bay Florida, the weekend of August 27 - 30 2012. Are you there?


What is the most significant thing happening in Tampa bay that weekend

a celebration of some sort has ended. Its very very sunny, kinda hot. very very bright, but that's just, that's normal for where I am at. Either um, there's a fair or a parade or a gathering, whatever it was was fine. Its done.

Who are the most notable people present at this gathering?

Jeb Bush. And he's gonna be... he's talking to the opposition.

Who is the opposition?

Oh Llama's handlers

And what are they talking about?

They're talking to him, he was sitting in a chair for someone else. They're concerned that even the the Florida people, the elderly people are angry so they're trying to convince them that everything's good. So they must have succeeded.

What are they angry about?

That they're ... (stutter) That its believed that they are dumb that they don't know what's going on.

Does Jeb Bush appear as if he is in oppostion to Oh Llama's handlers or is her truly in opposition to Obama's handlers

He was talking to them, They wanted to know through him how it went and he thinks it went fine. Like the people bought into what he was saying.

Does he engage with them as if they are the enemy or as if they are secretly allies.

He's friends with them

Do their agendas align?

They need... they just want to make sure that he controls them

Does jeb bush have handlers?

No, not... not here.

Who does he take orders from?

his father

who does his father take orders from?

I... I don't know, a man. Older, white hair, a robe. A dark purple robe and there's a... (counting) an eight pointed star on the front of the robe.

What color is the star?

its... either a brassy or a gold?

What does the star signify?

his rank

his rank in what organization?

Its um, it feels like um... a club. Like a um... like they know each other from long ago. Its like um, a club where you have a mentor and you’re always loyal to your mentor and I'm not talking about like skull and bones, I'm talking about something older and bigger.

Bohemian grove?



It felt like it was in ... um... flash through English parliament.

is it a cult?

no it doesn't feel like that it feels more private.

What are the results of the republican national convention in Tampa Bay, Florida during the weekend of August 30th, 2012?

A lot of old people are angry. The... consensus is... the older people they’re all.... its like they are all pointing at someone and saying, you're wrong and you know it. You're wrong and you know it.

Who is chosen as the republican candidate for the presidential election of 2012?

The current one The current one who is left standing right now

Ron paul?

No the other one

Mitt Romney?

But he doesn't have a...he doesn't have a second.

Mitt Romney doesn't have a vice president?

He doesn't have a second

A second what does that mean

He doesn't have his... its not locked in he can't decide.

Who do they choose between?

Whoever is going to be able to talk better while he's standing there. He's gotta test them both

Who are they?

(long pause)

Can you describe them??

no, I don't have.... (stutter) I feel like... they can't they can't pick one.

Proceed to November 5th, 2012 and tell me who the Vice Presidential candidate is ... for Mitt Romney. Who was chosen?

I don't see a face again. I don't I don't... the only thing I got was those stupid Mickey Mouse ears.
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