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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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FYi, the other night we touched a little on poleshift & solar flares... I will post once I get the transcript typed up.

What I found interesting though is when I asked about poleshift, the answer he gave had to do with magnetic poleshift ... though there was a lot of 'water' in what he saw. Also he saw this as being in the future (as in ... not soon).

But when I asked him about the next mega solar flare, he described an event on the sun that caused the earth to tilt her head to take the brunt of the blow, almost as if she knew it was coming (because she and the sun have known each other a long time and this was not the first time that this had happened.) This seemed to me like it was actually a description of (what I would have called) a poleshift... so now I'm wondering if i need to change my definition and ask again a different way, such as 'change to the axial tilt of planet earth' or 'when planet earth next shifts on her axis'. What do you think?

Also -- I think this means that the axis of the earth may change (as has happened so far with Chile EQ and Japan EQ)... but not necessarily to the degree of what people expect from the movie 2012. I know I am not the first person to post this, though I did have a snippet about it awhile back... I will try to find that post and link it here.
 Quoting: tandym

Here it is...

Thread: Globe / Armillary Vision Snippet

Last night as I was falling asleep I got an image of a globe / armilary with a 'weather vane' type iron device showing North pointing to the 'right'. I could see the North American & South American continents.

It looked like this picture (see the one at the bottom of the page next to Axial Tilt):
[link to cimss.ssec.wisc.edu]

I got the impression that it was showing me the 'new' angle for the axial tilt which doesn't look that different from what is in the picture. I know people have mentioned the number '22' before and I notice that in this picture the minimum axial tilt is 22 degrees. I wonder if this means that our poleshift will be small on a macro scale, and shift us back to 22 degrees? Anything like that for the earth would be nothing -- but would still be HUGE for those of us who live upon her surface.

But survivable compared to the idea that the earth will shift 22 degrees (instead of 1.5 degrees as I am proposing).

Excerpt from linked article:
Axial Tilt
The tilt of the Earth also changes slightly, with a dominant cycle every 41,000 years. The change in angle of inclination is only about 1° from the present tilt, from 23.5 to 24.5°. However, Earth's tilt is a critical factor in climate resulting in very large differences in solar radiation. Changes in Earth's angle with respect to the Sun often go by the name "obliquity".

These three orbital variations take place simultaneously. LIke overlapping musical tones, these cycles create resonances that are not quite the same as the original cycles. The result is that the Earth's climate is affected by these Milankovitch cycles on four different periods: 19,000, 23,000, 41,000 and 100,000 years.

Widespread acceptance of Milankovitch’s theories occurred in the decades just after his death when investigations of sea floor sediments and the Vostok ice core exhibited periodicities matching his calculations.
 Quoting: tandym

 Quoting: tandym

Earth calling tandym come in please over
 Quoting: Roel

As you wish.... (responding to request of RV of center of the Earth 'now')

Proceed to the Center of the Earth, NOW
There is Interest
There is something there
an It
It spins
not asleep
not hibernating
just 'is', just existing

WHAT does It look like?
There are seams
severely rounded off edges of 55 gallon drum
It knows we (humans) are here. It doesn't know why there are so many of us. It is indifferent.
It knows that we can't get to it
There are soldiers lining up, they go in but don't come out.
Its going to move like a dog shaking water off of itself -- that will be its way of 'sticking its tongue out at us'

CAN It decide not to shake
it can change if it wants to, it can do whatever it wants whenever
spool shaped -- spool shaped isn't really right (take an egg, take the top skinny 50% part, and mirror it, that is the sahpe)
Every once in awhile it wants to open its eye to see whats going on outside of it but it "can't"
It likes being warm -- the others 'died' because they got cold - and it was a race to see who could get "there" (here) first (because Earth is in the perfect spot to

support life)

WHAT about Mars?
No its cold, its dead (the 'being in the 'core' is dead)

WHAT about Venus?

DOES it want anything? WHAT can we do to keep it from shaking us off of its back?
Bring It another one.
It would like another like It -- an It that lives in darkness
It hums

ARE there any beings down there by It? Does it communicate with other beings?
the deepest points of the ocean almost touch it. The water is black there. Black. And it hums, and the HUM is black

WHAT will be the most newsworthy event right before It shakes us off of its back
Something like the eiffel tower falls over -- it has a ball on top
it falls into some shallow water
shallow water reminds of 'high tide', not like a lake or pond

WHO is the President during this time?
A white man, older with white hair
He is pulling something that looks like gobs of tissue from a box, over and over, to make a point
There is mud all around; GIANT puddles, no, 'piles' or squirts? of mud

WHAT does New York look like during this time?
It looks the same

WHAT happens to the president by the end of his term? Is he re-elected?
No, he's a bridge

WHAT do you mean by bridge?
A bridge, a single term, to get us past this point (as if maybe he only intended to be there for one term because one was all that was needed)

WHAT is happening with the sun at this time?
long thing white lines curving off of the sun - leaving the sun - curving as they come off -- they look like 'Lunar Modules' (trails made by these Lunar Modules)
Like they were there and now that they've been seen, they have to leave
They left in a controlled way - they were machines

WHAT is the most newsworhty event that happens before the lunar modules leave the sun
An eiffel tower-like building falls over
it has a ball on top
People Watch it fall (it appears to fall in slow motion, but that is probably because it is so big)

WHAT is the most newsworthy item that happens right before the tower falls over
there is a test plane flight
everybody sees it and knows about it so the government doesn't bother hiding it
not secret
shaped like a bat plane or cylon fighter

WHERE are we? (we = he and I)
In a place where there are buildings with white roofs, like ice cream, like the capitol building, except for colored tiles down the front. We are looking out at the

horizon (shaped similar to a mosque or the onion-domed towers in Moscow)
It is bright, too bright for night, too dark for day. The horizon is very bright, not like a sunset. Its not natural.
We are waiting with others

ARE we in the United States?

ARE we in Russia?
There's a symbol. Its on the ground, its very large, its meant to be seen from above

A CropCircle?
No, its on pavement, concrete
it looks like a piece of toast with a plus sign in the middle - but if you take the plus sign and rotate it a little bit so the edges curl down. Then there are black

'appleseeds' at the end of each arm. (piece of toast resembles a tombstone shape, or a rectangle with one of the narrow ends 'rounded', apple seeds resemble tear


IS it a swastika?
Its a new symbol

WHAT does it mean?
We don't know yet.

HOW did we get there?
We aren't there, I can't find us. I don't think I am even me.

WHEN does this happen?
It feels like maybe a couple of years from now.
 Quoting: tandym

I went over an old session we did back in late March, and here is what I have found:

Coming up -- the earth will shake us off of her back, but before that happens, these things will happen in order:

A space plane will be seen by many people -- footage will be recorded. The government will not try to hide it, but they won't offer much information on it. (I think this will happen very soon... the session from the other night makes me think it might even happen on the 4th of July).

After that, a tall 'Eiffel Tower Object' will topple / fall. It will seem to fall in slow motion. It is positioned near shallow water. We don't think it is 'literally' the eiffel tower. (I think it may be some kind of golfball radar array)
**forgot to add that the 'eiffel tower-like object has a 'ball on top' hence why I think it might be a radar array.

After that, from the sun will come a 'flotilla' (my word) of 'lunar module-like machines/ships' that will stream forth from the sun (some portal opens perhaps? don't know).

This is all I have for now, but I will add in your request to the pool and see if anything else comes up.
 Quoting: tandym

Above quotes from June 1st Thread Page 6: Thread: Remote Viewing - June 1st, 2013 (Page 6)
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