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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Proceed to July 4th 2012, Washington DC, describe what you see

What is the most significant thing that happens in the United States on janu- July 4th 2012? caught myself this time...!

A white wing -- some white pointy like a. People see something? Um. People aren't quite certain whether they see something that looks like a big white flying wing? A giant arrowhead? They're not sure if its landing very quickly or whether it came down like a crash. Some people think itís a drone. Itís not its ah, itís a wing that looks like a giant wing. Itís a wing plane.

Where does this happen?

north - northern part of Nevada. In that area. Draw a um --- 500 mile circle at the top of Nevada. Put it in there.

How many people see this flying wing?

Can't tell how many people witnessed it. Its... People see it with their eyes. Itís on the -- there's footage of it -- its on the news. And uh -- government's talking about it Or Somebody's making an announcement about it. Itís not being covered up -- you just don't know what it is.

 Quoting: tandym

Found these links, none really satisfy me/the description though :-( The top on eis the 'best' but... I feel like I am tryin to force the description to describe the event. Oh well.

[link to www.mufon.com]

12 2012-07-05 2012-07-05 {ck} Ball of Fire, Looked like plane on fire! OH, US

Long Description of Sighting Report
I was outside taking in the fresh air & my attention was suddenly distracted from this ball of fire in the sky! This happened at 02:10am EST on July 5th, 2012. I was so shocked & in awe, I could not move. This fireball headed EAST in a slow steady speed, gradually changed its path towards SOUTHEAST. I was finally able to run inside, inform my husband about this, and when I came right back, the fireball was heading WEST/SOUTHWEST, fire flame like colors were slowly fading as it was picking up speed & looked like it was losing altitude and looked like it was going to crash. I lost sight of the fireball once it was blocked by a building in front of me.

I have called a local news radio station, the regional & local FAA, & a respected local news station and have informed them all about this incident. I may sound crazy to them but I now know that others have seen this in other states in the US.

I really wish I had grabbed my husbands binoculars or video taped this because it was the scariest thing I have ever seen in the sky.

June 20th
[link to www.gazette.com] (interesting comments down below)

[link to www.denver.post.com] (interesting comments)

[link to www.theufochronicles.com]

[link to www.amsmeteors.org]
 Quoting: tandym

Thread: Breaking!!!!!An unmanned aircraft designed to fly six times the speed of sound crashed over the Pacific Ocean, Air Force says.
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