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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle anonymous
Post Content
I think remote viewers, view to find other remote viewers.

 Quoting: Diamond Dust

I've had that happen.
 Quoting: Half Past Midnight

I had a conversation with a RV once who did consultation for the police. They were trying to find a serial killer. So, her and her colleague attempted to RV the killer. It turned out the killer was a RV too, in fact far stronger than either of them, and could see them as they saw him. He gave them a warning to stop, which they did and she stopped all work with the police after that. She also went on to tell me that many predatory criminals(killers, rapists, child abductors,etc) have this ability as well, which is what makes them harder to catch and easier to find their victims.
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