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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
...conducted on August 29, 2012

So we settled in to RV this evening – and normally there’s a ‘warm up’ period in which I let him settle into the meditation before I really ask the questions I want answers to. I have noticed over the last few months that these ‘warm up sessions’ often have pertinent information in them which I find very curious… This time was even more curious since the first thing he mentioned seeing was a sinkhole. And I hadn’t even asked him to take a look at anything yet. So I figured sinkhole must be important for us to know which is why it was brought forward like that.

So here it is – please keep in mind that when I asked specifically about ASSUMPTION later on in the session, he didn’t get anything…. So I think that this sinkhole is not necessarily the SAME as the one we are all so worried about. However with that said, it was very interesting … I will share my thoughts on it at the end:

From a bird’s eye view he saw a sinkhole next to a large city – he could see that it was very, very big. When he got closer to the sinkhole he smelled a very strong odor of sewage and saw ‘green water’ coming out of a very large pipe and gushing into the hole. He also saw GEARS like big metal iron gears (like the Guts of BIG BEN the clock tower) and he hears the words ‘Run Check 20’ then ‘Check the gears for seismic activity’ and saw antenna/whippy poles scattered around the edge of the sinkhole.

I had him rewind in time to the beginning (3 days before) and he saw that in the place where the sinkhole would be was a park with a a faded wooden sign painted brown with carved letters that used to be painted yellow. What he could read was something similar to: ‘ACCLAIM’ AISE or ACELSTE or ACLIAISE. At the park were old fashioned monkey bars, etc. He saw people walking, a woman talking on a cell phone who said ‘Mesa Gardens’ and older style brick buildings like one might find in Grapevine, Texas. The sinkhole had not appeared yet.

Fast Forward (FF) +1 day: foundation problems on one of the brick buildings… The foundation guys are trying to pawn it off on the city to fix and the city says that the building is old and the ‘sub foundation’ is collapsing.

FF +8 hours : some activity in the air, F4s, one or two, painted a whitish grey, they fly over and then he heads on radio chatter ‘follow glide path’ to “Mazoo-ah” shelter (his pronunciation). When I asked him to follow the F4’s he asked where Wright Patterson was (OHIO_) and he said that it popped into his head and where they F4s were landing was very big and spacious/wide runway, like it was used to having much larger planes land there.

FF +8 hours: Yellow Caution tape is falling int the hole… the hole starts in the day time
When I asked him to go down into the hole he saw what he described as an upside-down mountain – a gigantic cavern bigger than Texas Ranger Stadium and a cave that fed in and out of it. When I asked him what caused the hole he said the ‘air pressure left’… the ‘air’ that was holding up the roof must have leaked out or something. I asked him to find the time when the air pressure leaves and he says that people who are ‘a ways’ away lose their electricity for ‘awhile’ (a long while, at least a few days before the hole appeared) and this was one of the signs. At this point he also saw a puppet store (with muppets (Fozzie specifically) and marionettes). It did not have electricity either.

FF +8 hours – red dirt, really red dirt &broken water pipes pouring into the sinkhole. Then when I asked if the city had been evacuated he said he seemed to be in a helicopter with a (white) newscaster over the scene who said the following: “The scene is stupendous”, “The carnage is incomprehensible”, ’Its like God flushed his toilet”
Looking down on the hole he saw not people falling into it and no ‘dead bodies’

FF +4 days -- “Its done” How much of the city remains? A large portion is safe. About 5% - 10% is destroyed.

At this point I asked him to proceed to Assumption Parish, LA and he saw a red candle burning in a jar in either an old person’s house or a church. When I asked him to find the sinkhole he could not zero in on it. … We will try again later.
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