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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
conducted on August 22, 2012:

In this session I asked him to view October 20, 2012

He saw a person standing on the sidewalk in front of a house (1950s-1960s style, single story, dark yellow or light faded brown/tan shingle-style siding) where a white van has been crookedly parked on the road in front of it (sort of 'sideways, like it slid on ice) and that there is some snow on the ground.

This person was wearing a 'rainbow' colored beanie and mittens. He could not tell at first whether it was a man or woman (the stature was slight) but after some examination, he said that they had a beaky nose and based upon the feet and they way they were carrying themselves & standing he thought it was most likely a man.

This man was holding some sort of wooden dowel in his hand and not doing anything with it -- and that is when my husband said the person looked right at him & knew he was there. The person refused to do anything because he knew my husband was watching.

Then I had him rewind 5 minutes and he could see that the man was pulling a bunch of these dowels out of a long bag and an 'X' shaped stand that had a hole in the middle, like a christmas tree stand.

Then I had him fast-forward 5 minutes and he could see that the person was talking to someone on a walkie talkie -- telling them that he was not alone (because he could sense my husband was there viewing him)

When I had him view the other end of the conversation he saw an image of a black / bony cow skull on a person's head

Back to the assembly of the rods & stand... he saw plastic also and he knew that it was to create a frame so that they could put the plastic around the van and isolate it when they 'smog it'.

Then I asked what happens when someone touches it and he said that's the trick -- they drive it through a crowd of people and all someone has to do is bump it. It gets on their clothing and they take it home with them.

So then he says he sees the van pushing people out of the way, people are dressed for winter, so it can't be florida, and there's a name there ... something like 'Olean Blvd' or something that starts with an O.

I ask him to follow a person home who was bumped by the van and he said that person developed burning eyes & raised red welts and fever. The person goes to the ER and his condition is mistaken for burns. The skin turns white / raw like popped blisters (really raw and really red, like its literally burning)

He said it doesn't seem transferrable or contagious, but everyone who bumps into the white van or is pushed out of the way by it is affected by it . Dozens and Dozens and Dozens of people affected.
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