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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I didn't record the last one but here are the highlights...

Romney Wins -- but as Obama shakes his hand to congratulate him, he says to Mitt, "It's not over yet". Mitt just smiles his million dollar smile. Then, before he leaves office, Obama enacts policy that allows muslims to live 'outside' of USA laws (sharia law??) which causes unrest & even more polarization among the citizens of the USA. People finally begin 'choosing sides' (this sounds very bad to me).

The sinkhole will continue to grow, but won't 'explode' (probably) before March of next year. However, it will eventually become *massive*. No timeline on how fast that happens though.

When I asked "when will the economy collapse" he said "never, it will never collapse... it can't collapse if they won't ADMIT that it is collapsing". So then I switched tactics and asked when we will face hyper- inflation and he said that it has already begun.

The last time we had a session I didn't write it down since it seemed mostly revolving around our family but the gist was -- we were traveling (again) and it was very 'dusty' as we were wearing masks and goggles. We were in a caravan of 4x4's going offroad in... the desert? (red rocks?). Everyone was calm, we all knew that there was someone waiting for us, but we didn't know who. It was a community agreement that if you couldn't keep up, you were left behind... so everyone there had basic mechanic skills, etc. My daughter was there... about 3 years or so older than she is now. My son was somewhere else 'fighting' (resistance? military? not sure) and my stepson was with his mother & family... thinking 'maybe this was the wrong choice'.
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