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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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This is from a session about a week or so ago. So some info may seem 'late'.


Standing on a dirty street -- like on the southside of a town? Short / mini cars are everywhere like you would find in Italy or France. Stores are dark / closed.

What is the emotion of people in Cyrpus?
Sharp & prickly

Fast forward 5 days -- Banks / Economy of Cyprus:
Frozen in 'neutral' -- banks are neither open or closed.

There's a symbol that looks like Military or Royal insignia on a protest / picket sign

How does the situation in Cyrpus affect the rest of the world?
When Cyprus bottoms out, then branches out to its neighbors connected directly to it (Not coutries but companies and corporations.)

The (depositor tax/levy) decision (for these other companies / corporations) and comes from the bottom up as a 'precaution' (as in not from the government down to the people, but from smaller units like CEOs etc, upwards) -- talked about / weighed and measured as a precaution to minimize the damage. In this way it will be more 'accepted'.
 Quoting: tandym

[link to www.neurope.eu]

Mr. Hollande said that “the company will have a contribution to pay that will reach 75%. During these difficult times, can’t those that are at the top make an effort for 2 years? The company will thus become responsible”. “When the salary of a CEO reaches above one million Euros, the company will be taxed by 75%”, he explained.
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