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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle tandym
Post Content
As you all know from reading previous posts -- my husband does a sort of meditation in order to 'see' what he sees. I used to dismiss the stuff he saw during the 'warm up' (while he sinks deeper) but awhile back I realized sometimes it could be important information that the universe is offering us.

Last night, I specifically asked him to see the information (on the other side) that the universe meant was significant for us to know.

He was in the front yard of a house -- likely the house he grew up in -- and carved into the bark (on the trunk) of a nearby tree were three symbols.

Vertically they were arranged as:

An eye -- but instead of a round pupil, it was a horizontal slit like a minus sign

Three horizontal slashes

An hourglass with sharp corners -- like a black widow hourglass.

We don't know what the symbols mean, but I am guessing something along the lines of:

watch... in three months time.

Anyone else have an interpretation?
 Quoting: tandym

3 months from late feb is lat MAY. Gold & Silver carshing today ... maybe final death knell of the dollar will be late May?
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