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Message Subject Remote Viewing Discussion -- future times / places / spontaneous OBEs
Poster Handle Perfectly Paleo
Post Content
What is AZ13? **note I remembered this wrong, and said the wrong thing -- what I meant to ask was what is AZIS-31 from the 'man gnaws on woman's face thread' and the posts by cdc man. So who knows how relevant this is? I did not discuss the thread with my husband before asking this question, so this was 'blind'.

Mosquito? Um... Not the mosquito, what you can get from a mosquito.

What happens when you get it from a mosquito?

You burn up.



What else happens?

You see w-worms... worms and snakes in your - in your mind
Worms and snakes in your mind? And you wanna get them out

And you want to get them out? how do you get them out? how do you try to get them out?

You dig them out

What else happens?

You just want the -- you want the pain to stop

What are the outward symptoms of being bitten by this mosquito?

Your eyes are hot, a little red - like your eyelids are red, almost like you stayed up too late. Splotchy skin, sweaty -- almost like food poisoning. And then the headaches begin. And then you don't eat.

Is there anything else?


Where can these mosquitoes be found?

In... in all water -- they're everywhere.

Has anyone been bitten by these mosquitoes recently?

I don't know.

Who invented AZ13?

A ... a school. It came from a school. A university or a college. It came from a school It was a ... a project to see if it could be done.

What do they call it?
It was a -- like an assignment -- it was an assignment

Who loaded the mosquitoes with AZ13?

I don't ... I don't see the mosquitoes being loaded. I don't see anything progressing.

How is the AZ13 administered?

I don't see that -- its like its being saved. Its being held. It hasn't been let go yet.

Are there plans to let it go?

Only if we don't comply

Comply with what?

Surrendering, looking down in... looking down like a peasant. Holding up and giving -- giving something -- giving something what are we giving? I can't see what we're supposed to give.

Will AZ13 be released against the people of the united states in the year 2012?

No because we're going to accept.... we're going to look down and give them what they want.

Will AZ13 be released against the people of Europe in the year 2012?

No, they'll be beat down.

How will they be beat down?

Night sticks, helmets, shields, they'll be subdued.

When will this occur?

da...the end? December?

Why do they need to be subdued?

They have to be beat down and we have to be beat down.

What is the agenda? Why do they beat the people down?

So that we can't look to the other for help. There's no place to turn.

Who is the culprit? Who is the mastermind behind this plan?

There's no figurehead yet. We -- we still have -- we still have breath. We're not done.

Who is the leader that we'll need to raise up in order to overcome the suppression?

A man who has a sense of humor and you'll know him because he really likes Mickey Mouse.

What color is skin?

He's a.. he's a white man

Approximately how old is he?

40s... 40s

What is his name?

I can't see that.

Do you and I know this man?


Will we know him in the future?

Everyone will

Will you and I know him personally?

No but we will be able to ask him questions and he'll listen.

What is this man's position?
He ... He acts more like a mayor. He doesn't have a wall of protection walking around him.

Where does he live NOW?

How old is he NOW?

He's younger than us -- 10 or 15 years younger.

When you're ready come back to the present. And wake up.
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Not mosquito, but... [link to wtfrly.com]
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