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Message Subject Afrocentrism and Multiculturalism destroying America
Poster Handle wabishkaeyabe
Post Content

You probably mean well, but you are a brainwashed fool...

There is a very strong correlation between how prosperous a society is, and how large percentage of the population has an IQ over 108. Because those are the ones who are creating the prosperity.

There is also a very strong correlation between nations that manage to uphold a functional society, and nations having a mean IQ of 85 or more. Because those under this intelligence level are incapable of civilization, and when they're in a majority, all goes to hell.

Whites and Asians have "normal" IQ's, forming a bell curve around 100. They are both capable of creating and advancing civilization.

Meanwhile, black Africans have IQ's around 67! As a comparison, the American military won't accept anyone under 80, because such low-IQ people are literally too stupid for even the most menial tasks! People who are too dumb for hands-on manual training can never be a productive part of any civilization!

If fools like you have their way, and whites cross-breed with blacks to create your brown utopia, the result will be the eternal eradication of our civilization, because it cannot exist without a population smart enough to cope with it. The Asians (who are not fooled this way) will be the undisputed rulers of Earth, and the rest will probably be eradicated. Asians are non-sentimental like that.

Your genetic heritage is your greatest treasure. It took millions of years of evolution to create and perfect it. Don't throw it all away so easily!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

Please show me research that claims that black skinned people have an AVERAGE iq of 67.

Because that really sounds like a claim only someone with an IQ of below 80 would make :S.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22089462

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 525676

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

"For instance, Lynn and Vanhanen (2006) accorded a national IQ of 69 to Nigeria on the basis of three samples (Fahrmeier, 1975; Ferron, 1965; Wober, 1969), but they did not consider other relevant published studies that indicated that average IQ in Nigeria is considerably higher than 70 (Maqsud, 1980a,b; Nenty & Dinero, 1981; Okunrotifa, 1976). As Lynn rightly remarked during the 2006 conference of the International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR), performing a literature review involves making a lot of choices. Nonetheless, an important drawback of Lynn (and Vanhanen)'s reviews of the literature is that they are unsystematic."[6]

Make no mistake I am not claiming average sub-sahara IQ's are not abysmally low but the numbers pulled from that "research" are essentially pulled out of their arse.

An average of 80 for a country like Nigeria sounds a lot more realistic.

[link to www.sciencedirect.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22089462

We definitely are forgetting the subjectivity of IQ tests here. You know what you know from what you are taught, if you listen and don't cheat, that is.
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