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Message Subject Afrocentrism and Multiculturalism destroying America
Poster Handle wabishkaeyabe
Post Content
those iq tests are geared towards white folk and white folk norms, customs, view on reality/science etc. black people and minorities don't really care much for you so why would they do well on tests that are mainly asking qeuestions about you and what you believe to be true in this society. once again you corner there market of information, to suit your ideologies, which then again strengthen your position in society. If everybody is thinking like whitey, whats he got to worry about.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18200348

Completely wrong...

IQ tests are geared towards finding out your mental capacity. They have as little cultural references in them as possible, since this is not what they are supposed to be measuring!

Instead, IQ tests are composed of a battery of subtests that measure various forms of mental processing. An example: Can you see a picture of an object, and tell what it will look like if rotated 180 degrees? If so, you just earned a point on one of the easier tests of your visual processing capability. There are a lot of distinct mental capabilities tested, and to get a low IQ score you have to fail them all. For instance, if you can't tell the difference between a rotated and a mirrored object, you may fail the simple subtest I mentioned. And when you fail this test and all the others, this means your brain is incapable of any level of scientific reasoning from the get-go. You are as the say not very intelligent. And your IQ score reflects it!

Remember, Asians don't flunk these tests, they actually do slightly better than whites, which proves IQ tests are not "designed for whitey" at all. Of the human races, only blacks fail IQ tests miserably.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

I envy you your experience in Sweden. That differs from mine here in the States. References on IQ tests here are generally subjective, geared to reflect the general populace, or at least the dominant populace (the ones that make the rules).

The only tests I have found to be realistic here are the Mensa tests.
 Quoting: wabishkaeyabe 25213671

I think you may be right, mainly for the reason I've seen so many Americans claim they got EXTREMELY high IQ scores. I think they must have some kind of badly designed tests in the colleges etc, because geniuses and supergeniuses aren't supposed to be all that common in real life.

Take myself as an example:

I'm actually a borderline genius in certain respects, as has been revealed by professional IQ testing (Such tests take two full days to perform by the way).

They divide the IQ into several "sub-intelligences", I don't remember then all, but my score for verbal intelligence was 130 something, and my spatial IQ was slightly less, whereas my mathematical-logical ability was 160 something. The overall score was only 135 though.

160 is genius, 130 is merely pretty smart.

My ability to master a second language (English) satisfactorily should prove I'm pretty smart in that regard, so that number is probably about right.

And I have done quite a few ground-breaking mathematical analysis as a hobby, proving completely new things no-one else researched before me, which shows the 160 for logic is probably pretty correct too.

But I STILL only have 135 in overall IQ!

But here at GLP, I'm apparently constantly in the presence of my intellectual superiors, as it seems half the people visiting this place have 160 or more. Or so their high-school testing said.

Strangely enough, they still use rather bad grammar, and seem to have pretty low reading comprehension and ability to grasp "the essence" of things. I find it hard to believe such people are capable of the kinds of feats a true genius are, such as finding and exploring whole uncharted fields in math.

It seems more likely to me the US college tests vastly inflate the scores (by 40 points or so)!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

Agreed. My high school test I threw out there for reference only as I put little stock in it. I have never been tested professionally as I don't believe in professionalism. I have lived in many areas and arenas in my day (I turn 60 tomorrow) and have a good deal of expeprience with the many sides of life, rich/poor, intellectual/street wise, as well as other dichotomies that put me in the rare position to appreciate some part of each. I have had seven years of college, but only possess one degree - AA in Native American Studies.

Certainly my experiences have given me some credence, but I do not ask more than given - I just don't attend where I'm not wanted, usually. But I do have a voice and an opinion and keys to much understanding that has been known to open doors in the minds of a few. We Ojibwe frown on people patting their own backs so I try to refrain from that even though I was reared elsewhere.

I appreciate your reference to the bad grammer, low reading comprehension and ability to grasp "the essence" of things. These seem inherent to GLP on a forum wide basis, but I am thankful for the wisdom that comes like diamonds in the rough.
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