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Message Subject Afrocentrism and Multiculturalism destroying America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

the question was pretty straight forward, are you claiming that blacks built the pyramids? that the moors brought us math and science and that without the black race we would be nothing? take your head out of your ass black person you haven't done shit for the past 1000 years.

but since you are claiming such great things, i thought maybe you could work some of that ancient magic which you claim into our inner cities, they are in sore need of 'civilization.'
 Quoting: davvi

I am not claiming anything, I am stating facts. Egypt was a black civilization, like it or not. The moors are black like it or not. The moors contributed to your renaissance, upliftment and civilization, like it or not.

These are not blanket statements. I have provided you proof which you obviously are throwing out the window. I know the superiority complex runs deep in some people, especially when their whole view on their culture is being shattered. Its understandable not being able to handle being lied to your whole life.

But please do not take your anger out on the messenger, take it out on the truth, if that is any way so possible lol
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18200348

Repeating a lie doesn't make a truth. I have been to Egypt and I have many friends of Algerian and Morrocan heritage. THEY are NOT sub-saharan BLACKS.........LMAO.. You are obviously the ignorant one and desperate. You prove the point this thread makes! Perfect Example! Iranians and Iraqies are NOT BLACK!! Jews lived in Egypt and are NOT black! Egypt does have some of the population that are descendents of Nubian slaves that mixed with the egyptians but it is a small part of the population and one probably the poorest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17432459

You seem to fail to understand that all the pale arabs that are in northern africa, iran, iraq etc are all invaders lol.
For example in egypt, after alexander invaded, they pushed all the blacks further south and west into africa. You guys were never the indigenous people there, you only usurped the land in the late BC's e.g Alexander 332 bc.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18200348

If those who got pushed south were so smart, why did they lose like that as well as reverting in every apparent way to much lower intelligence?

But I have taught some black people, and some of the very dark ones were pretty intelligent. One lady from Africa (she still had a thick accent) was quite good at math. Interestingly, I've never seen such talent (nor good attitude and willingness to work) among our affirmative-action generations here.
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