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Message Subject Afrocentrism and Multiculturalism destroying America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I think you may be right, mainly for the reason I've seen so many Americans claim they got EXTREMELY high IQ scores. I think they must have some kind of badly designed tests in the colleges etc, because geniuses and supergeniuses aren't supposed to be all that common in real life.

Take myself as an example:

I'm actually a borderline genius in certain respects, as has been revealed by professional IQ testing (Such tests take two full days to perform by the way).

They divide the IQ into several "sub-intelligences", I don't remember then all, but my score for verbal intelligence was 130 something, and my spatial IQ was slightly less, whereas my mathematical-logical ability was 160 something. The overall score was only 135 though.

160 is genius, 130 is merely pretty smart.

My ability to master a second language (English) satisfactorily should prove I'm pretty smart in that regard, so that number is probably about right.

And I have done quite a few ground-breaking mathematical analysis as a hobby, proving completely new things no-one else researched before me, which shows the 160 for logic is probably pretty correct too.

But I STILL only have 135 in overall IQ!

But here at GLP, I'm apparently constantly in the presence of my intellectual superiors, as it seems half the people visiting this place have 160 or more. Or so their high-school testing said.

Strangely enough, they still use rather bad grammar, and seem to have pretty low reading comprehension and ability to grasp "the essence" of things. I find it hard to believe such people are capable of the kinds of feats a true genius are, such as finding and exploring whole uncharted fields in math.

It seems more likely to me the US college tests vastly inflate the scores (by 40 points or so)!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

Typical eugenicist Swede. If your dumb ass was really as smart as you claim it to be, citing IQ tests (lol), then you would consider some cultural facts, such as

Blacks tend not to give a shit about grammar, unlike whites

Similarly, many blacks just don't give a fuck. ie. when faced with some white dude with glasses presented a test, they're like "aight whateva". Unlike whities they don't place much value on such irrelevant stupidities from which a human being can supposedly be ranked and his/her intelligence sequestered and analyzed. they prefer to live real life, not dwell in intellectual fantasies about a eugenicist's wet dream of utopia where morons (ie. anyone who does something differently) don't exist. yeahh, an IQ test will help you in that direction. lmao

Oh but, shit, you took an IQ test that took two full days to complete... nvm me then.

You only make vague grand-sounding claims as to your intelligence but the substance of your argument shows that you're a fucking idiot who prides himself on highly ethnocentric methods of testing that are themselves created to make people like you feel like your retarded ideologies are grounded in fact and "intelligence".

I am neither black nor white so don't throw that in my face k?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25180110

Intelligence isn't the only thing that makes us human, but it's actually pretty important. It's true most of the population can sit comfortably in a centrally heated/air conditioned room and rage on the internet over how some people have the nerve to be smarter than them, but the fact remains - without those smarter than average, there would be no central heating, no air conditioning, and no internet. It takes intelligence to invent stuff. It also takes intelligence to organize stuff, and to keep stuff chugging along.

The masses possessing average intelligence are free to partake of the fruits of the work of the vastly more intelligent, but a little respect wouldn't hurt. Perhaps even some gratitude would be in order?

Your post literally reeks of hate towards anyone smarter than you. It is immature, and only shows your own poor self image.

It is possible you are actually too dumb to realize how much in your life you owe to more intelligent people than yourself. That's the tragic irony of it all - the dumb are too dumb to realize how dumb they are.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

Well, clearly, at this point I must ascertain that your mental barrier is the idea that the ideal society is a white(skin and collar color) slave society.

It is obvious to me that you do not believe in any sort of "conspiracy" theories that attempt to identify the real dynamics of our globalized world. Consequently you point to the bourgeois European white lifestyle, marvel at its technological achievements and the like, and determine that it is their culture and race that is supreme. Everyone needs to work towards achieveing such intelligence (enter the ethnocentrism). Yet you fail to realize the reliance on black/brown slave labor. These races represent and manifest the outward physical manifestation of slavery. The white race represents the subtle one, disguised in self-indulgent, unquestioning belief in a dream and its trickle of benefits.

But there's really no point discussing this stuff with you since you're an ardent believer in (lol) the IQ test and everything it stands for.

Why don't you go have fun lobbying for the forced genetic modification (spelled extermination) of black people in your Nazi country? I'm sure you'd receive a sizeable following. Your country has done much worse.

Eugenics represents the negative side of the essence of your particular country's archtypical dream of societal and physical perfection. Why not recognize this energy guiding your countrymen and gain a glimpse into true intelligence that allows you to see how a person's personality is constructed based on soul age and incarnations and their manifestations as experiences, repression of emotions, tendencies and fears?

Think it about faggot. No, calling you names doesn't make me unintelligible, see? It's just fun :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25180110

Effective, too. :)

It's not "white bourgeois society" that invented just about everything we use. It's specific white people. An Arabian did give us algebra, that very fundamental tool of mathematics. Calculus came from Leibniz and/or Newton. Newtonian physics came from, well, Newton, who used the writings of those before him like Galileo and Copernicus. It was extended to relativity by various white physicists including Einstein. It was extended to quantum physics by various white physicists including von Heisenberg and (my favorite) Boehm.

William Shockley invented the transistor. He was famously a racist.

Linux was started and project-managed by Linus Torvalds, helped by lots of sharp programmers from various places but never, to my recollection, Africa. I'm just free-associating here, thinking of something and who is responsible for it.

Pick anything, anything at all, and try to find a black who has made a fundamental contribution to it.
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