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Message Subject Afrocentrism and Multiculturalism destroying America
Poster Handle HeltrSkeltr
Post Content
Boyz Boyz

The Soros, busheez, CFR globalist machine is crafting one episode after another to pit blacks against whites and vice versa. Many of these "gangs" are being sponsored by clandestine frontmen working for the machine. how many ranting and raving goons do you think it takes to encite rightly frustrated, out of work, hungry, pissed off black guys to instigate some retribution on their historical enemy - whitey? not many.

and then the white clans will have to smack down the blacks to prove their point, ever escalating the loonesy, all of which serves the purpose of the elites that want us all dead and gone anyway.

People need to read your history, and understand what they are doing. they want war in Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, northern Africa, Central and South America, AND right here in the USA. The globalists care not one f&*king wit about this country or any country. They only care about $$$$$$$$$ and the Power it gives them to play the games they love to play.

So don't play their games. If you are pissed off, go hit a banker upside his boney head. Then everyone is happy. It ain't a color thing.
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