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Message Subject Afrocentrism and Multiculturalism destroying America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Egypt is in Africa, dark people are in Africa--- Anything with melanin on this planet came from a source, and that source was very black my friend. White people have no melanin, and show up on the record 10,000 years ago. Africans were the creators are civilization, and we exported our knowledge around the world. That's why the Mayans worshiped Gods with black features. Our civilization was a PAN civilization... it was everywhere!

History books tell a different story, and start black history at the "WE ARE SLAVES" chapter of our story, and that's just completely unfair to the truth.

TRUTH ..something you guys need to find, or God help you all.

This ^^^^
 Quoting: beachcruiser68

THAT^ is absolutebsflag
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20003334

You have proof to discredit the truth?

Prove it...
 Quoting: beachcruiser68


The intellectual property thieves are just about....

Ba bye!
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