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Message Subject Afrocentrism and Multiculturalism destroying America
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content
its really funny because anytime you guys try to claim egyptians as white, you guys always bring up tut lol. YOu guys base your whole theory off of one pharoah, when all the monuments around you are showing black men. But you guys have a tendency to blow our noses off, just to make it even harder to decipher who we are. Does the sphinx come to mind?

CLICK CLICK, BOOM seems to be the m.o. when you come upon our monuments.

[link to www.realhistoryww.com]

look familiar?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18200348

this is like the stupidest comment i have ever read, blow off nose of the sphinx to disguise black features? are you a prime example of your race?

i am guessing that you think race is determined by skin color alone? i guess that's why i feel like i am banging my head against a brick wall trying explain why the ancient egyptians were not black people.

the race known as caucasoid is found in Europe, northern africa, the middle east and in northern india. it is characterized by pale pink to very dark brown skin, they are fairly tall in stature, with a long or broad head form and the nose bridge is HIGH. the hair can be light blond, brown, black, or red and of a FINE TEXTURE, STRAIGHT or WAVY.

the negroid race is characterized by brown to brown-black skin, usually a long head form, varying stature, and thick, everted lips. the hair is dark and COARSE, usually KINKY. the eyes are dark, the nose bridge is LOW, and the nostrils broad. to the negroid race belong the peoples of africa south of the sahara, the pygmy groups of indonesia, and the inhabitants of new guinea and melanesia.

when facial reconstruction is done on the pharaonic mummies, guess what they fit the exact description of the caucasoid, and NOT that of a negroid each and every time. anthropology is your friend and it takes a lot more than skin color to determine who is caucasoid and who is negroid.
 Quoting: davvi

Can you give me some historical facts proving your point. Show me some white egyptians pre alexander conquest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18200348

historical facts? look at their wall art created thousands of years ago with no racial agenda. the ancients clearly knew the difference between themselves and their southern neighbors. countless of DNA tests on pre-historic and historic skeletons have produced the same West European DNA type R1b, which has no connection at all to black Africans or Asians.

look at their art. it is the very best recording of ancient history ever done prior to the written word. in general they are very slim hipped, broad shoulders and oval faces with long straight noses. notice the egyptian women did not sport the fat asses like their sisters to the south. personally i take their word for how they looked more than i would some black activist desperate to steal some kind contribution to civilization.

look at egyptian wall art depicting military victories on tribes in the south. blacks are always depicted with flat noses, large lips and black skin, totally different from the average egyptian.

the egyptians arrived in the nile valley from the NORTH and spread to the red sea in the east. they moved south to the cataract of aswan which for thousands of years served as the natural border separating caucasians from the black inhabitants to the south.

try as you may, dna doesn't lie, you can shake up a story, spout all kinds of crap, but the facts will always prove you wrong.
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