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You can blame the whole ghetto hood mentality on the FBI, remember cointelpro!

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03/29/2012 02:28 PM
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You can blame the whole ghetto hood mentality on the FBI, remember cointelpro!
For those of you who think you know about cointelpro, look up the origins of cointelpro. A systematic intentional assault on a group of people, "Black Americans", designed to undermine the moral and value system within this group of people through infiltration, division, and the introduction of destructive reward systems; selling drugs, pimping, and robbing. It has been documented, declassified, and exposed to a minimal level and mostly brushed off, like it has no bearing on the current situation that is going on today.
[link to video.google.com]

It also has been documented about the origins of the Family Court System, aka eugenics' court system, designed to interrupt the normal balance of the family group structure, by creating more of an incentive of removing the male head figure out of the home, and creating power struggles within stable 2 parent homes.

Check this out!

Look people, we, black Americans, always wanted to just get along with the rest of America, live and learn from one another and just be 1 humanity. But we have been attacked over and over throughout history in this country by very powerful enemies in very high places without enough outrage and an outcry from the mainstream America. Just take a look at the true origins of gun laws, drug laws, and other various laws that were enacted by the system using the media and a very small amount of cases to create a pandemonium effect to get these laws seemly enacted just against those undesirable people, only later, to the rest of the country's dismay, find us all in knee deep shit. Remember all it takes for evil to prevail is for "Good men" to do nothing, in the context of what I'm talking about is you will see this country destroyed by not standing up against racist laws, racist acts of violence (no matter what the colour of the perpetrators), and racist rhetoric, Because contrary to popular belief, words matter more than actions, especially when they're written down.