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Well, Here's A Decent Idea

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03/30/2012 10:48 AM
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Well, Here's A Decent Idea
Whether you're black, white, Islamist, Christian, Wiccan,
short, tall, thin, overweight, cheerful, gloomy, or whatever your status in ANY department that could define a human being, you have a choice.

Love or hate.
Caring or indifference.
Giving or selfish.

Newsflash for you! There are Muslims, Islamists, Buddhists,
Christians, blacks, whites, purple polka dotteds on one side and red stripes on the other side folks and none of that MATTERS.

It's attitude!
Develop a positive caring attitude....you'll get places.
Develop a nasty, hateful, racist attitude...you'll go down, sooner or later.
Practice racism,....you'll go down faster. I'm sure of that.

That's the bottom line.
What would you choose?
What gets you where you want to be?
What feeds your heart, mind and soul?

Just think about it.

"This door swings both ways
Which one will it be
Will you live in happiness or dwell in misery
This door swings both ways
Lets in earth and sky
Make the most of living
If you're not prepared to die."

by Herman's Hermits

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