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Message Subject Remember "Wild" Colleen Thomas? She Now Spills the Beans about the Galactic Federation of LIES and the Ashtar (Demon) Command
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have watched all her past vids when she was hitting up the New Age crowd & any one else that would give her attention. she is intelligent & well spoken, plus she has a good body. She makes good use of these gifts to manipulate people into handing over their cash to her. Even if it means taking off her clothes which she has done. Her family have disowned her & tried to have her committed. Either she is a brilliant actress/con-artist or a total nut-case. Some have felt that she is an Asset of a certain agency, doing their work for them. Now that she has burned her bridges with the New Agers she is brilliantly hitting-up the Christian crowd. Amazing how she always manages to get herself out there into the media to further her agenda. How does that happen so easily for her...hmmmmm????? She was always crying the blues about not having any money, but yet always showed up in her very nice home & always very well dressed.

Lisa, I'm sorry that you have been so easily deceived into believing her conversion story, because that's all it is for her....just another story & when this one stops working for her, she will create another one. A leopard does not change its spots.
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