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OBAMA's former (Tranny) Nanny in Indonesia now work as Washing Maid

The observer
User ID: 4306242
03/31/2012 02:34 AM
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OBAMA's former (Tranny) Nanny in Indonesia now work as Washing Maid
A transvestite named Turdi (who later used the female name Evie) was raising Barrack Obama as a nanny during the family stay in Indonesia.
But Evie's life in her old days is in poverty, to make a living she has to become a "wash maid".

I'm using Google Translate to translate this article, it was formerly in Indonesian. So pardon the messed up translation...


Turdi aka Evie, Transvestite Babysitter of Obama

06/03/2012 17:40
Liputan6.com, New York: U.S. President Barack Obama will never forget the time in Indonesia as part of his childhood lived in this country Unity in Diversity. Barry - calling Obama little time to live and attend school in Menteng, Jakarta for about two years. It was then that Barry raised a transvestite Evi is a great cook in the family housekeeper Soetoro, Barry's parents.

Evi is the original name Turdi have never thought that the boy who used to fosterage has now become a very influential person in the world, the head of the U.S. superpower.

Evi life is still somewhat difficult. Slur is often piercing sense of the former nanny Obama, who now lives in the area of East Jakarta.

Evie was born as a man named Turdi. However, he prefers to be called Evie. "I'll be sweeter," he said.

Evie was a dramatic childhood. He claimed his father was often beaten for not bear to see his behavior as a woman.

"I realized that my feelings as a woman, but actually I do not want to die like this at the moment," said Evie, as reported in the huffingtonpost, Tuesday (6/3).

During school, Evie continues to be insulted on the temperament of his friends who were effeminate. So, he decided to quit school. At that time, Evi is still sitting in 3rd grade. After quitting school, Evi trying to learn to cook. Who would have thought, it's where his world. He was a very good cook. As a teenager, he was often asked to cook for an event class people.

Since then, Evie met with important people to end up in a cocktail party in 1969, he met Obama's mother, Ann Dunham. Ann arrived in Indonesia two years ago after marrying Obama's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro.

Evie Ann likes cooking, especially steak and homemade fried rice. From there then Ann offers him a job at the family home Soetoro. Not only cooking, other Evi task is to become a nanny Barry. Evie accompany Obama playing small, deliver, and pick her up from school.

Meanwhile, the neighbors still remember Evie Soetoro often out of the house at night, and berias dress like women.

Only two years old, Evie could be super parenting. Obama family when it moved and left Indonesia. Since then, Evie aka Turdi not have a permanent job, because no one wants to receive a transvestite maid. Evie boyfriend who is also a man left him until he was forced to become sex workers since 1970.

It's dark life. Many times, he must accept the ridicule of the people. He also must run in the middle of the night to avoid the authorities carried out raids in the order of the Soeharto government.

The experience is almost never forgotten when a soldier was persecuting him. Evie shaved his hair and repeatedly burnt with cigarettes by rogue soldiers.

Other experiences that confuse the blue heart and feelings occur when a when, in a raid, which also transsexual friend Evie - Susi jumping into a river full of trash. Evie and her friends rushed to Susi. Nahas, Susi was later found in a lifeless condition again. Very tragic. Her body was swollen and his face was destroyed.

However, what may make, Evie must still keep their jobs to support herself. Since the family left behind Obama, he did not have much choice. His skill in cookery no longer channeled.

Since the incidence of death of Sophie, she began to realize and change little by little. Now, Evie who was at the age of 66 years were living in a slum in East Jakarta to work as porters and laundry. She washes clothes for a living person. His voice was quiet, polite, and wrinkling his face still showing concern. Evie said he did not have much hope for his life. He could only pray and wait for death. Evie is now keen to deepen faith.

Life is a mystery. The boy who once had fosterage has become a very influential person in the world, while he considered waste by the surrounding community. Even when he was telling others that he had been caring for Obama as a child, just be a joke not funny and crazy.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1243759
United States
03/31/2012 02:52 AM
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Re: OBAMA's former (Tranny) Nanny in Indonesia now work as Washing Maid
Funny that no one will come forward to say that they are friends with Obama. No childhood buddy, no college pals, no past girlfriends or crushes. All we have is a tranny and some dude that claims he had gay sex with Obama. That's it. LOL.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 57187107
United States
06/02/2014 10:27 PM
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Re: OBAMA's former (Tranny) Nanny in Indonesia now work as Washing Maid
too_sad This explains so Much about Barack ! Why he Married Manshelle and why he Hated his Mother !!!!